Have you got any medical problems, need surgery or other medical care

We have a wide network of international hospitals and specialist doctors .

We will keep in touch with you until to become healthy, God willing


Mazoon Investments L.L.C 

 (Medical Coordination Services)

It’s a leading Omani company in doing many services, including:

 Medical coordination and tourism services

We are accredited to many hospitals in many countries such as India, Thailand, Jordan, Turkey, and others. Also, we have a network of international hospitals and highly experienced doctors accredited to the Ministry of Omani Health and other Arab countries.

Why are we ?

Low cost of treatment and accommodation

The latest international medical technology

Travel comfort, easy procedures, and translation

High quality of treatment and medical care

There aren’t direct payment service fees for the hospital

Professional doctors are highly experienced and competent

Coordination of travel, reception, accommodation, and treatment

We offer a wide range of services for your comfort

The hospitals we treat with


Bangkok International Hospital


Artemis New Delhi Hospital


BMH Kerala Hospital