sleeve gastrectomy operation

sleeve gastrectomy operation

Everything you need to know about the sleeve gastrectomy operation

Many specialized surgeons have done the sleeve gastrectomy operation, which aims at reducing the stomach size for many health reasons related to the stomach itself or as an attempt to decrease the overweight. Consequently, the reduction of stomach size leads to limit the amount of food.


Those who had that operation, thus they can limit the overweight and fight obesity for some people whose attempts failed by being on a diet or doing sports. 

Doctors have developed the sleeve gastrectomy with medical research and advanced technology in medical equipment and machinery. If you or one of your relative have a problem with reducing the stomach and would like to know its risks, benefits, and side effects, follow the topic to know about the conditions that require to reduce the stomach and what changes in human life after reducing the stomach. 

The Conditions that require Sleeve gastrectomy operation 

Cases in which doctors advise people to have the sleeve gastrectomy operation, as mentioned above, related to stomach diseases such as tumours or stomach cancers. Also, if a part of the stomach is damaged by acute infections and bleeding, as medicines no longer treat effectively, the doctor will resort to the surgical solution to eradicate the affected part of the stomach. Reducing obesity is another reason leading to restrict the available amount of food by limiting the stomach size. There another solution for the sleeve gastrectomy which people rarely resort after several attempts to lose weight become in vain, despite having a certain diet and doing exercise. The last surgical solution that people don’t favour by the two parties, the doctor and the patient, but it remains unavoidable worse instead of being exposed to the dangers because of obesity such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases caused by excessive body fat

The sleeve gastrectomy has been more accurate and a few possible distortions as they were in the past, there are two ways  to carry out the operation :

The traditional operation: The doctor has to cause a serious wound to reach the stomach during the sleeve gastrectomy.

laparoscopic operation:

Doctors have done with a few possible distortions by enteroscopy and small machines inserted through holes in a specific area of the abdomen. Finally, the stomach becomes the shape of tube-like the size of a banana. 

Tell your doctor about any allergies you have against a particular drug before getting into the operating room. Also, the patient must provide a doctor with a summary of his or her health condition whether he complains of hypertension and diabetes, what medicines you have taken currently or a short time ago. What we see is usually taken by the physician specifically for anaesthesia doctor. 

side effects of the sleeve gastrectomy

There possible surgical risks always exist in general, and the sleeve gastrectomy is not one of the exceptions, people who had that operation because of intestinal obstruction infectious, gastroesophageal reflux, wound inflammation, and hypoglycemia called the silent killer, all of which show their potential in the medium and long term, so you should follow the doctor's instructions after the operation, which you will know about.

What next the sleeve gastrectomy?

The patient must have a period of recovery by the supervision of the doctor and over time, to adapt to the new life, so that the operation will succeed without any minor problems, all are dispensable. These are the following tips:

  • reduce the usual eating before limiting the stomach
  • stay away from sugars.
  • take calcium and vitamins more frequently.
  • respect the doctor's dates and review the microfiber-control intervals for the duration of. The return to normal eating is very little.
  • the final quit smoking and alcohol free.

the complete recovery takes an important time and begins with the patient's food from the vein, for this prevention is better than treatment. You were with a brief overview of the process of devolding the stomach God has saved you